Motor stator automatic cable tie machine

Company Information

Shenzhen SWIFT Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Product details

Technical parameter

 The Vibration Feeder is manufactured by hand and the size is slightly deviated.







 Cable Tie Spec

2.5X80 mm

2.5X100 mm

2.5X120 mm



Binding Range

5-10 mm

9-13 mm

11-15 mm

9-13 mm

11-15 mm



1 s

1.2 s


1.2 s


主机尺寸 HostL690*W670*H670





Gun  331X 282 X 189 mm

 Electric Power

 Host  AC 220V 50/60 Hz

 Gun   DC 24V 

Pneumatic Pressure5 Kg/ cm²


It is suitable for the bundling of inner winding motor stator coils or other automatic cable tie operations in small spaces;

1. Use bulk cable ties, vibration feeding, transferred to the Tool via hose.

2. Pulling the trigger, automatically Wrapping, Perforating, Pulling & Tightening, Cut off, Collecting the waste material into waste tank.

3. The whole operation takes only 1.2s, one machine can save 1-2 operators.

4. Different waste material collecting methods for choice.

5. Binding force is adjustable by turning the knob.

6. PLC + Touch Pannel controlling, easily to manage.

7. Could be fixed as desktop type; and could be applied to full automation line.

8. Be suitable for motor coil bundling which has been winded on stator core in advance, it is also suitable for bundling those objects which has small room for the cable tie to go through.

9. Automatic detect the failure, the machine would stop immediately if there is any malfunction, and automatic deal with the failed cable tie, and automatic restart the machine.

10. The has the function of detecting cable tie jam, if there is any cable tie jam in the Tool or in the hose, the machine would stop running and automatic clean the jammed cable tie, and then restart automatically.

11. The machine count quantity only after the operation succeeded.

12. Temperature Controlling System, and Waste Material Collection System are optional devices for choosing.