Automatic Cable Tie Gun with Robot

Company Information

Shenzhen SWIFT Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Product details

Technical parameter

We have 1, 2,3,4,6-axis can be choosed. it can be custom-made as your need. 6 axis suggest use standard manipulator.


It is be used all the places you don't need people for fully automtic binding, such as wire harness, auto parts, motor,dangerous chemical packing...

They are high efficiency, accurate position as you need.


1. 2,3, 4,6-axis movement, PLC control; six-axis recommend buying a standard manipulator;

2. The gun head and the manipulator move under the tooling plate, the tooling plate is slotted, and the double-claw automatic cable tie is extended at the place where the cable tie is to be tied;

3. A gun head is equipped with a dual station design, each station has an independent protective cover, and the protective cover triggers the switch; the employee loads the material and conducts the conduction test at one of the stations, and the manipulator automatically ties the strap at the other station;

4. Use the conductive electrical signal and the switch signal after the protective cover is depressed to automatically drive the manipulator and the automatic cable tie gun to work automatically. If the continuity test fails, the automatic cable tie gun will not work and alarm; if the protective cover is not closed , The machine does not work

5. It is suitable for 1-10 wire ties, and it has obvious advantages to replace the traditional wire ties bundled by a desktop automatic tying machine. It uses the time of the conduction test to automatically complete the tying operation, which is more economical than using a desktop machine. People, and you can't make mistakes;

6. One manipulator can be equipped with 1-2 automatic cable tie guns. When equipped with two cable tie guns, the gun head has no rotating function;

7. Automatically monitor whether each cable tie is successfully tied, and if it fails to function, it will automatically process and automatically re-tie;

8. There is a simplified single-axis version design, suitable for wiring harnesses with only 1-3 cable ties. The continuity detection and tie-up of the wiring harness can be combined into one process, that is: first check whether it is connected, if it is, then Utilize the conductive electrical signal to directly drive the cable tie gun to automatically tie the straps. For a single cable tie harness, there is no need to move the gun head, and it is directly tied automatically;

9. Coordinate input method programming, and can store multiple sets of different product programs at the same time;

10. Another temperature control and waste recycling system are optional.