Desktop cable tie machine

Company Information

Shenzhen SWIFT Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Product details

Technical parameter




Max banding diameter

¢14 mm

¢16 mm

Operation speed



Pneumatic pressure

3 Kg/ cm²


160 kg(With 4 wheels, move easily)


Foot switch


It is suitable for all kinds of simple wire harness bundling and small batch production or non-assembly line production with frequent variety changes.

1. Use bulk cable ties, vibration feeding, automatically move the cable ties to the position of the jaws.

2. Pedal the pedal, automatically Wrapping, Perforating, Pulling & Tightening, Cut off, Collecting the waste material into waste tank.

3. Automatic cope with different object diameter as long as the object diameter is within the spec range.

4. The whole operation takes only 0.5-0.6s, (The cycle time could be 0.8s, when working under the mode of Tightening PVC sleeve), One machine can save 3-4 operators.

5. Binding force is adjustable by turning the knob.

6. The residual tail is adjustable.

7. The binding force is controlled by mechanical device, the binding force would be more accurate and stable than the electronic measure and converting system.

8. PLC + Mechanical system controlling, One-touch operation,easily to manage.

9. The tightening force and residual tail are set by adjusting screws, after setting, the force and residual tail would keep stable.

10. Could tighten harness with PVC sleeve, no need to pre-heating in advance.

11. With composite pulling function to cope with those cases which require big tightening force.