Fixing Automatic Strip Cable Tie Tool

Company Information

Shenzhen SWIFT Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Product details

Technical parameter

Cable Tie Spec

2.5 X 100 mm3.6 X 150 mm3.6 X 200 mm

Min binding Dia.

Ø 2 mmØ 2 mmØ 15mm

Max binding Dia

Ø 18 mmØ 31 mmØ 42 mm
Binding efficiency1.1s/PCS1.2s/PCS1.3s/PCS
Tact Time
    Electric Power Host  AC 220V 50/60 Hz
 Gun   DC 24V (Auto switch) Gun   DC 24V (Auto switch) Gun   DC 48V (Auto switch)
 Pneumatic Pressure5 Kg/ cm²

The machine can put above
on the assembly line
 Host: L655 X W467 X H230mm
(Containing tray height 740)
 Host: L655 X W467 X H230mm
(Containing tray height 740)
Host: L710 X W470 X H230mm
(Containing tray height 740)
Gun     L278X H240 X T149mm



 L291X H240X T49mmGun  L299X H240X T149M
WeightHost 30 kgHost 30 kgHost 30 kg


Suitable for all kinds of wire harness binding. It is especially suitable for wire harness bundling during on-site assembly of airplanes, trains, ships, automobiles, communication equipment, home appliances and other large electromechanical equipment. It is also suitable for packaging or fixing items, fixing gas-liquid transmission pipeline joints, food packaging, and bagged liquid packaging, etc.


1. Using conjoined material, use compressed air to feed the cable tie into the gun head through the feeding tube;

2. Step on the foot pedal to automatically complete all actions such as feeding, reeling, tightening, cutting, and discarding waste;

3. As long as the diameter of the strapped object is within the device's strapping specification range, the device automatically adapts to objects of different diameters, without any adjustment for strapping objects of different sizes.

4. Complete all actions such as feeding, reeling, tightening, cutting, and throwing waste in 1.0 seconds.

5. The binding force or tightness can be adjusted through the knob;

6. The main body has its own PLC control system, touch screen Chinese display, and the operation is simple and clear;

7. One or two stretching programs can be set on the touch screen, which is suitable for binding objects with different tensioning forces.

8. You can set the conventional feeding method or the fast feeding method, and the fast feeding method is suitable for occasions where the strapping rhythm is high.

9. It can be used with manipulators to realize automatic cable tie in the automatic production line, or it can be fixed on the table as a desktop cable tie machine;

10. The tip has an automatic detection function to monitor each operation. Once an abnormality is found, the machine immediately stops operating, and automatically handles unsuccessful residual cable ties and automatically starts

11. Automatically detect material blocking. If a material blocking is found, the machine will immediately stop running, automatically clean the blocked material, and start automatically.

12. Accurate automatic counting function. The machine will only count the cable ties that are successfully bundled.

13. Another temperature control system, humidification device, and waste recycling system are optional.