Automatic Cable Tie Gun for Strip Cable Ties

Company Information

Shenzhen SWIFT Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Product details

Technical parameter

Cable Tie Spec

2.5 X 100 mm3.6 X 150 mm
3.6 X 200 mm

Min binding Dia.

Ø 2 mmØ 2 mmØ 20 mm

Max binding Dia

Ø 18 mmØ 31 mmØ 43 mm
Tact Time1.0s/PCS1.2s/PCS1.3s/PCS
     Electric PowerHost  AC 220V 50/60 Hz
 Gun   DC 24V (Auto switch)


Pneumatic Pressure

5 Kg/ cm²

The machine can put above
on the assembly line
 Host: L710 X W540 X H740mm Host: L710 X W540 X H740mm HostL710 X W550 X H230
(Containing tray height 740)
Gun     L250X H102 X T64mmGun     

L250X H102 X T66mm

GunL260X H77 X T66mm
WeightHost 30 kgHost 30 kgHost 30 kg
Gun0.75kgGun0.85kgGun0.9 kg



Suitable for all kinds of wire harness binding. It is especially suitable for internal wiring harness bundling during on-site assembly of airplanes, trains, ships, automobiles, communication equipment, home appliances, ATM machines and other large electromechanical equipment. It is also suitable for military and civilian anti-counterfeiting nets, packaging or fixing of articles and logistics packages, fixing of gas-liquid transmission pipeline joints, food packaging, and bagged liquid packaging, etc.


1. Use strip cable ties , transferred to the Tool via hose.

2. Pulling the trigger, automatically Wrapping, Perforating, Pulling & Tightening, Cut off, Collecting the waste material into waste tank.

3. Automatically cope with different object diameter as long as the object diameter is within the spec range. No need any adjustment when dealing with different diameters of object;

4. The whole operation takes only 0.7s, one machine can save 7-8 operators.

5. Different waste material collecting methods for choice.

6. Ergonomic hand shank design, comfortable to hold & operate.

7. Binding force is adjustable by turning the knob.

8. PLC + Touch Pannel controlling, easily to manage. 

9. Could be fixed as desktop type; and could be applied to full automation line.

10. Be suitable for tightening those components which has step features.

11. Automatically detect the failure, if the Tool failed to operate the cable tie, the machine would stop immediately, and automatically deal with the failed cable tie, and automatically restart the machine.

12. Automatically detecting cable tie jam, if there is any cable tie jammed in the Tool or in the hose, the machine would stop running and automatically clean the jammed cable tie, and then restart automatically.

13. The machine count quantity only after the operation succeeded. 

14. Tool Support, Temperature Controlling System, and Waste Material Collection System are optional devices for choosing.

Temperature controlling system is to improve the cable tie toughness when using the machine and cable tie under 15 degree C.

With the smallest size, the lightest weight, the highest speed, the most reliable Auto Cable Tie Tool in the world!